When M.S. Dhoni Cried for his first Love...

M.S. Dhoni is really a cool captain and he is loved by 121 Crore of Indians. On upcoming Friday M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story film which is the biopic of Ms is releasing. In this story, there are many UNTOLD secrets which will be reviled. we are here with such secret of M.S. 

M.S. Dhoni after winning
M.S Dhoni

We all  know that Dhoni is happily married to Sakshi. But before Sakshi came into his life , there was one special girl in his life and her name was Priyanka Jha. It was the time when Dhoni was struggling to make his career and suddenly one day Priyanka came into his life. Dhoni decided to spend all his life with Priyanka. This was the time when Dhoni got selected in India squad in 2004 on the tour of Kenya, Zimbabwe, Pakistan. He chased down 223 runs against Pakistan that time. And was a hero for every cricket fan.

M.S. Dhoni after winning
M.S. Dhoni after winning

When his popularity was on the peak, Priyanka passed away in a car accident. This story looks like bit filmy, but it's true up to the depths. We were just looking sixes hit by Dhoni when he was hit by destiny.

Priyanka jha
Priyanka Jha 

In M.S Dhoni: The untold story this incidence is taken and Disha Patani (Tiger Shroff's GF) is performing as a Priyanka Jha.

Now he is married to Sakshi and happy with one child. Here is the pic.

sakshi ith mahendra singh Dhoni and child
Sakshi with Mahendra Singh Dhoni and child

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